All dressed up in their Easter best.

This picture is very deceiving since it appears that Ella and I are standing next to a tree with beautiful blossoms. Sadly enough we actually were covered in six inches of fresh snow outside. I guess if it doesn't look like Spring outside we have to make it appear to look like Spring inside.

Doesn't this just capture the true excitement of fun occasions like Easter!

These rain boots that the kids received for Easter came in handy and saved Lauren and Grant's church shoes from being ruined by the slush and the snow.

Even though we started the day at 6:00 am, we had a wonderful Easter Sunday! The kids could barely contain themselves as they waited to follow the candy trail to find their Easter baskets. Lauren had drawn a picture for the Easter Bunny and when she noticed that it was gone she was very excited. Harv said to Lauren, "what do you think the Easter Bunny did with your picture?" Lauren responded by saying, "I think he took it home and hung it on his refrigerator." Once they found their baskets, Lauren and Grant were very excited and seemed to have a great time. We then had a nice breakfast and hurried to get ready for church. Harvey and I were both singing in church and Harvey was speaking in sacrament meeting so we had to be there early, but even with that one of the nicest things was that Harv was able to drive to and from church with us (since he cancelled all morning meetings and appointments). I sometimes forget how nice it is to go to church as a family. Our musical numbers went very well and Harv gave a very nice talk.

After church we prepared a nice dinner and invited some friends over to have dessert. The kids played while the adults talked. Later we discovered that the kids had scattered Easter grass all over our living room, not a big deal, but it goes to show the kind of trouble kids can get into when they know their parents are preoccupied. It was a great day even though we were covered in fresh snow. I guess you could say we had a white Easter.


Dahl Family said...

Cute pictures! I love their Easter outfits. I'm glad you had a wonderful Easter.

kristin and matt said...

i LOVE the pic of lauren and grant...they are so big now! hope we see you guys again before they go off to college! :)
love and miss you!