What is your favorite blessing?

So tonight for Family Home Evening we did one last followup on Easter. We hid some eggs around the room that had questions inside of them about Jesus and the resurrection. In a couple of the eggs there were smiley faces which meant that the kids had to tell us their favorite blessing that Heavenly Father has given them. Lauren said that she was grateful that Jesus created the earth and for all the pretty things that we have to look at. Later on Grant got a smiley face in his egg and so we asked him the same question. He responded by saying "I'm grateful for praying...", Harv and I looked at each other with amazement at Grant's thoughtful and unexpected answer, but then Grant continued, "no maybe trick or treating". It was nice to get a little glimpse into Grant's understanding about meaningful blessings if only for a moment. Besides, I guess he is right, life would be pretty bland without treats every once in a while.


Rhonda said...

Hey Rachel-I found your blog off of Alli's and thought I would drop a line. Your blog is so darling and so is your family! I love Grant's comment- that's hilarious! I really enjoyed seeing you guys at the baptism the other night and I hope all is going well!