A recap of the year in pictures

It has been a busy year full of all kinds of experiences. Potty training,a baby blessing, MRIs for Julia, eye doctor appointments, a road trip to Utah, kidney disease diagnosis for my mom, a kitchen remodel, violin recitals, lice infestations, Lauren's baptism, School, learning to ride bikes, and all the fun and exciting things in between.

A recap of the year in pictures

A recap of the year in pictures

Pics of the kids


So last night I was reading a book to Ella before betime, and in the book there was a lamb that was being fed a bottle, but she thought it was a "mommy" sheep. I then said to Ella:

"It's a baby sheep because it's drinking milk out of a bottle. Ella, did you know that our new baby will drink mommy's milk?"

With a sound of concern Ella responded by saying, "Oh no, the baby will drink yours milk?" (gasp) (I'm pretty sure she was concerned that the baby was going to drink my glass of milk)

I then said to her, "Do you think the baby will share the milk with me?" And Ella concluded that the baby would let me drink some milk out of the baby cup.

Just one of the many cute interactions we've had with Ella lately. She's getting to be pretty funny in the things she says.

The Imagination/Inventors Fair 2009

Last week Lauren had the chance to be involved in her school's imagination/inventors fair, and for her project she chose to present information about unicorns. As you can see in this video she has a flare for presenting. She did a great job on her project and seemed thrilled to be able to be involved in the fair. She had to stay by her project until an interviewer talked with her and then she was free to look around at the other projects that the kids did. Although, once the interviewer came I couldn't get Lauren to leave her station because she said that she wanted to be there in case anybody had questions. I finally tore her away and she and Grant and Ella had a great time looking at the other projects.

Happy Easter

We had a really nice Easter this year. One of the best highlights is that we had Stake Conference on Easter Sunday, so that meant no meetings for Harv and we all got to sit together as a family at church. The kids woke us up bright and early at 6:00 and they all seemed very excited about their Easter baskets. Our Easter was complete with a jellybean trail, Easter baskets, a yummy breakfast, cute Easter clothes, going to church as a family, eating a yummy ham dinner with cupcakes for dessert and toped off by an Easter egg hunt in the back yard, and phone calls to our extended family.