So last night I was reading a book to Ella before betime, and in the book there was a lamb that was being fed a bottle, but she thought it was a "mommy" sheep. I then said to Ella:

"It's a baby sheep because it's drinking milk out of a bottle. Ella, did you know that our new baby will drink mommy's milk?"

With a sound of concern Ella responded by saying, "Oh no, the baby will drink yours milk?" (gasp) (I'm pretty sure she was concerned that the baby was going to drink my glass of milk)

I then said to her, "Do you think the baby will share the milk with me?" And Ella concluded that the baby would let me drink some milk out of the baby cup.

Just one of the many cute interactions we've had with Ella lately. She's getting to be pretty funny in the things she says.


Lissagerl said...

Based on that post, it sounds like Congratulations are in order. So, Congrats!!

AnJilleen said...

What a little cutie! And I love the Diego band aid on her nose!

NAT said...

She's so cute. What happened to her nose?

Tricia said...

I love how you record the cute things your kids say. I miss you Rachel! I hope all is well! Are you pregnant with baby # 4???