A Peek Into Lauren's Future

Tonight Lauren and I got into a conversation about her growing up. This is what we talked about and what Lauren said. I was pretty cute.

Mom: "What do you want your husband to look like?"
Lauren: "I want him to have a handsome face, and dark hair"
Mom: "Where do you want to live with your husband?"
Lauren: "Hawaii!"
Mom: "Why Hawaii? You've never been there before."
Lauren: "Because it's pretty there and lazy. I could sit on the beach and collect seashells."
Mom: "Where do you want to get married?"
Lauren: "In the temple in Hawaii."
Mom: "What kind of job do you want your husband to do?"
Lauren: "Wash the dishes and cook yummy breakfasts for everyone."
Mom: "How many kids do you want to have?"
Lauren: "Five, no maybe ten so that they can help me with all the jobs I have to do"
Mom: "What are there names going to be?"
Lauren: "I think maybe Clara, Max, Parker, Laura, and Sammy, and my husbands name will be Sam."

It was fun to cuddle with her and get a glimpse into her view of life and her future. She also said to me that she didn't want to grow up because she always wanted to be able to cuddle with her mom. I told her that she could cuddle with her husband when she grew up and I guess that's where our whole conversation began. I'm sure we'll both laugh at this when she is older and has found her prince charming.