Priceless Grant

Okay, so for those who read the "Smoking Phone" you may be aware that Grant, at times, can be a little challenging. I felt that I should post a comment that I received from his teacher as a little follow up, but on the positive side. On Wednesday, after all the Valentine festivities at Grant's preschool, his teacher stopped me to tell me how much she loves having Grant in her class. In her words she said, "Grant is so mature and plays so well with all the kids. He is always full of energy and excitement and ready to get involved with whatever we are doing in class." It was a comment that really made my day and reminded me how special Grant is. Sure he is intense at times, and persistent, and inquisitive, and slow to cooperate, but he is one of those kids that everyone seems to like. He has a great personality and flare about him, and his curiousity, although it gets him into trouble, will one day be a great asset to him. I do adore Grant, but it took his teacher's comment to help me remember that a bit more. Happy Valentine's Day cute little guy. I love you more than anything, and even with all the trouble you get into, I wouldn't replace you for the world.


Mandy said...

Love the first picture - rainboots, coat and diaper! Classic. All that energy, persistance, and curiosity will get Grant far in life. Rachel, you just need to endure until that happens! Thanks for the reminder to look for the positive in our kids. There are nights I go to bed and feel that all I did was tell Evan "no" or to stop doing something all day long. I need to be more positive - thanks for the reminder!