The Police on the Sabbath?

So tonight we headed out the door, kids bundled, Harv's suitcase stowed in the van, and began our trip to the airport to drop Harv off as he looked forward to four days in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). So we arrived at the airport safe and sound, Harv grabbed his bags, kissed us all goodbye and headed into the airport. I then proceeded to pull out from the curb to head home and feed the kids dinner. No more than 30 seconds later and 100 yards at the most, I noticed flashing lights in my rear view mirror. Hmmm I wondered. This nice policeman must be wanting to tell me that I have a tail light out, or that Harv forgot to close the back hatch completely. Boy was I wrong! Instead, this nice police officer informed me that I was going 25 mph in a 15 mph hour zone (remember I had only driven 100 yards at the most), but that is not all. He then told me that my van's registration had expired last March. I was completely confused seeing as I had clearly remembered putting the new stickers on last winter. (after further inspection of bills and our other car, it appears that we never paid the registration on the van, just the car), but it gets worse. He then asked to see my driver's license, and yep, I didn't bring it with me on this short little trip to the airport. Then, he asked to see my current insurance card, but you guessed it, I had procrastinated putting the current cards in our two vehicles and they sat at home right next to the toaster. I think the police officer's comment to my lack of a license, insurance and two violations was, "boy you're striking out today." He definitely had that right. As the officer went back to his car to call the insurance, and to write up the ticket, I had three kids in the car, and one, namely Lauren, questioning me as to why there was a policeman with flashing lights behind us, and of course "I'm a Child of God" was playing in the background--how ironic huh! All I could think was that we should have had Harv take a taxi. It made me laugh that in seeing my subtle distress, Lauren suggested that when we get home I should call a babysitter and then go to the spa. I wish.

Once the police officer returned, he kindly said he would not site me for speeding (for 100 yards), and that seeing as I had a baby and two small kids in the car he would not follow the "typical protocol" by having my van towed because of a lack of a driver's license. So in the end I was only cited for having an expired registration on my van. Just a meager $170.

Needless to say, I did not end up having the most restful and peaceful sabbath. I sure hope that this isn't a sign of how the rest of my week is going to go while Harv is in Vegas. I wish I could say that taking the time to vent on my blog has made me feel completely better, but it has helped a little. Now the next steps; tell Harv once he lands in Las Vegas, go to the DMV and find out why we never received a notice for renewing our registration, and then, pay a beautiful pink ticket! I guess no spas for me.


Lissagerl said...

I'm sure at the moment that was not funny, but I had to chuckle. It's CRAZY that you haven't been pulled over before for that expired plate. Glad he took pity on you, though! :)


Rachel said...

Oh Rachel, what a night! I would have burst out crying! And of course you had to go home and still be the wise adult in charge until the kids were tucked into bed. I'm glad you had the Blog to vent to. :)
But, I do have to admit, Chris and I did laugh a bit reading this. You couldn't make this stuff up! If you lived in Seattle I would watch your kids as you went to the spa . . . !

The Young's said...

Sounds like a horrible night. I hope it got better when you got home.

Mandy said...

You deserve to go to the spa! If you want to go while Harvey is gone I'll watch your kids. I seriously can't believe that all of that happened in one police experience! What a story to tell.

kristin and matt said...

oh girl...that sounds like quite the evening. hope it never happens again!
thanks for your comment on my blog. glad to know someone outside of my family actually checks to see what we're up to down in gulfport! we are doing pretty well, but counting the days until we get out of mississipp. we're hoping to be somewhere else by june.
i would LOVE to see you guys at some point...maybe we'll make a trip up your way one of these days. i really enjoy watching your life through your blog. thanks for keeping it up to date!
miss you and love you lots.

Bryon said...

It's good to get that experience over at the first of the year. Something like that normally happens to me once a year... exp. when I cross international boarders... Can I borrow your kids next time so I don't get in as much trouble?...and make sure you take the car when you go to the spa.

Dahl Family said...

Oh Rachel, how to respond to that? What are the chances??? I'm sure you'll be able to laugh about it sooner than later. At least you had a pretty understanding officer. I've never had much luck in that area. Ken has only ever gotten warnings, but I always get a ticket. My question is - how did Lauren know that a spa would help you feel better? I think when the Dahls get together next time all the girls should go to the spa!