Why so many hugs?

So Grant has hit that age where he says a lot of really cute things, but he has also hit that age where he is very sensitive if we chuckle at the funny things he says. One example, is when we had the missionaries over for dinner on Saturday and made steak for them. Before dinner Grant was asking questions about the raw steaks that I was preparing. He asked what animal it came from, I answered cow and Grant said, "I didn't know you could eat cow." During dinner Grant came up to me, whispered in my ear, and said, "can I have more cow?", I laughed and quietly told the missionaries what he said. I felt so bad as I noticed a few minutes later that Grant was sitting on the floor in the family room with a very sad look on his face--I knew right then that I had made a mistake. Luckily he forgave me, but now I know to be a little more sensitive in my response to his cute comments. Here is another funny conversation with Grant:

Grant- "Daddy gives you lots of hugs"

Me-"Ya I know! But why do you think he gives me so many hugs?"

Here I was completely expecting Grant to say "because he loves you" or something to that tune. Instead he says:

Grant-"Because your his owner"

Me-"So because I'm Daddy's owner he has to give me lots of hugs?"


When I told Harvey this he said, "I guess Grant knows who's really in charge in this family." To me I simply loved the fact that the underlying observation Grant had is that Harvey and I love each other and show our affection through hugs. I think I've read a quote somewhere that the most important gift you can give your children is for them to know, without a doubt, that their parents love each other.


Ryan and AnJilleen said...

What a cute boy. How I wish we could see you sometime soon! And isn't the forgivness of a child wonderful?! I've embarassed my kids more times than they or I can count!

Rachel said...

Those are both cute stories! I would definitely have to agree about the "owner" thing. :) Children can be very astute, and how wonderful that Grant is absorbing the sweet way Harvey treats you. He'll be a wonderful husband himself someday!
p.s. I love your story about Grant typing a sentence on the computer all by himself. Impressive! You do such a great job teaching those children. I need some tips. Some weeks I feel like we just hang out & I should probably be more productive!

Dahl Family said...

Grant sounds like such a sweet little boy. I've read that about giving your kids that "gift" too.

Tricia said...

Great stories!