Happy engagement day Rachel! I proposed to Rachel 11 years ago today and every day I'm grateful she said yes. To celebrate, we had salmon for dinner and broke out the Martinelli's (and then went to Costco).
Here's to the next 11+ years!
love, Harv


Rachel said...

Cute picture, you guys! Was this posted on Valentine's day? Fun to hear a snippet of your story. Can you believe we all becoming such "old" married folks. We are almost to 9 years, it's crazy.

NAT said...

How sweet! I totally remember when you two were dating. Rachel came over to visit me at my apartment in Salt Lake and told me about her "older man."

You two are perfect for each other and make the best couple...not to mention beautiful babies!
Happy Engagement Day!

Dahl Family said...

Love the picture! Happy late Valentine's/engagement Day! (I guess I'm just assuming that you got engaged on Valentine's Day . . . if not, that's really cute that you celebrate the day you got engaged.)

Rachel Anne said...

I have to admit that I don't usually remember the anniversary of our engagement. This year was no exception. I just happened to make salmon that night (Feb 20th) and suggest we use the sparkling cider to top off our nice dinner and to simply be festive. Harv pointed out that it was our engagement anniversary after we sat down to eat.

I am surprised by this posting though. I didn't know Harv had posted anything. So fun!