Silly Conversations

I've been meaning to document a few funny conversations I've had with the kids, or conversations that I've overheard. So here we go:

While Lauren was at school Grant and I made banana bread together. I had given him the job of peeling the bananas and mashing them up. I then asked him if he would throw the peels away. Seeing as he was feeling pretty proud to be assigned some responsibilities I said:

"Grant you can be the official garbage boy!"

Grant: In an exasperated voice, "No, I'm not the garbage boy, I'm the servant.....and the prince"

I guess he knows his place. :)


Lauren: "When your wife has a baby, do you want to have a boy first or a girl first?"

Grant: "A girl!"

Lauren: "What will you name her?"

Grant: "Sweet. No maybe Sweet Berry"

What a lucky girl!


Talking about the order of birthdays in our family Lauren said:

"If Ella has the first birthday of the year, then Jesus has the last birthday of the year."

Grant: "I think Jesus has the first birthday because he's the greatest guy in the earth!"

I guess that amidst all the chaos of FHE something has gotten through. I agree with Grant "Jesus is the greatest guy..."


One night at dinner Lauren said the blessing on the food. In her prayer she made a comment that made Harv and I chuckle. Amongst other things she said, "I'm grateful for the spirit that is in our home....(pause, pause).....sometimes."


Seeing as it's Valentine's Day in a couple of days I think these comments are very appropriate. After having a dance party with the kids I was cuddling with Lauren on the couch. She gave me a big hug and expressed how happy she was and how much she loves me i this unique way. She said to me:

"My heart is having a playdate with your heart" and, "I love you 900 times more than 900. That's how much I love you"

Music to a mother's ears!


Dahl Family said...

I love kid quotes! Thanks for the laughs. Oh, and "My heart is having a play date with your heart!" How sweet! That's one of the cutest things I've ever heard!

Rachel said...

What great quotes - and memories! Good job documenting these sweet things they say! (Gotta go now, Clara is saying, "Mo Ella bella" meaning she wants to see the birthday picture!)