birthday fun!

Lauren celebrated her 6th birthday last week.
The festivities began on Sunday
with cake and presents.

On Lauren's actual birthday, her Kindergarten class had a Thanksgiving feast.
Lauren got to be the line leader on the way to the school assembly,
and tell about the fun plans she had for her birthday.

Lauren's request for her birthday was to go bowling as a family.
Everyone had a great time, even Ella who didn't officially bowl

This is where Ella spent most of her time while at the bowling alley.
She wanted to make sure that she didn't have sweaty palms when it was her turn
to push the ball down the lane.

To top off Lauren's birthday week, our horse lover was able
to go to a stable and have the chance to ride a horse for the first time. She also was able to help brush and clean the horse and had lots of questions about horses answered.
This is Gretel that Lauren is riding.

We were very surprised when Ella wanted to have a turn like her big brother and sister.
After one time around the corral Ella refused to get off because she was having such a great time.
Still Ella's favorite part of our outing was the kittens that lived at the stable.
She kept following them around saying "Kitty hold you." We had lots of tears from her when we finally had to leave.


Amber said...

So cute, Rachel! Happy birthday to Lauren! How did you find a stable for her to ride a horse? It looks like a birthday dream come true!

McKinstry Clan said...

Happy be-lated Birthday Lauren! It looks like you had a lot of fun. We love you and miss you!
Your cousins in Virginia

Rachel said...

I love it all! What a dream birthday for a 6-yr old! She looks so grown up with her school friend. And the horse riding, wow. How did you pull that one off? Is this that friend you mentioned? We're so happy Lauren had such a great birthday!

NAT said...

Happy Birthday, Lauren! You're a beauty. What fun parents you have, too!

Dahl Family said...

Happy Birthday Lauren! Sounds like an awesome birthday week!

Robert said...

Hey Dahl's, looks like you're having a great time. we sure miss you. keep smilin' and in touch.
Rob and fam.

The McKinstry's said...

Looks like everyone had a blast with Lauren and her birthday week.