Fairy Dust

So the other night the big event we've all been waiting for finally happened. Lauren lost her first tooth! I must say though, that I'm feeling a certain degree of loss over this exciting event. I guess it's because I can still remember what a big event it was to discover Lauren's first tooth when she was six months old. In the early days with Lauren, Harv would regularly let her bite on his nose and slobber all over it, until one day she bit down and Harv yelped in pain. Thus began all the many months of swollen gums, night wakings, runny noses and fevers that accompany most teething babies. What I'm feeling more than anything is that Lauren has crossed another milestone which reminds me that she's growing up faster than I want her to.

Lauren's tooth came out just before dinner so our dinner conversation centered on the tooth fairy. Lauren asked me where the tooth fairy gets her money and Grant answered the question by saying "I think that the tooth fairy gets her money from the money store." So, whether the tooth fairy got her money at the money store, the bank or from a money tree, Lauren woke up the next morning and found fairy dust and a whole dollar in place of her old tooth.