5:21 Alarm

This has been a wonderful "Birthday Week", as Harv has reffered to it. The celebrations started on Wednesday and lasted through Saturday, with the finale being a clogging routine from Harv at our ward's talent night. But that's a whole different story (video will be posted soon!) Anyway, Harvey had all kinds of fun surprises up his sleeve, but one of the best things was something that took a couple days to register.

So as most of you may know, Harv is the buyer for clock radios at Target. I was talking with my mom on the evening of my birthday when Harv showed a picture to me of his clock radio display. At first I had no idea why he was showing me this, but then I soon realized that all the clocks had the time 5:21 on them--my birthdate! I said to Harv "Oh, how funny, what a coincidence", then laughed a little, shared it with my mom, and continued my conversation. A couple days later Harv took me to see "A Midsummer Night's Dream". On the way to the car the conversation turned to the clock radios again. Harv was saying that his boss had questioned him as to why he chose the time 5:21 to be on all the clock displays. And finally, two days later, I realized that my birthdate was not just on Harv's mock display at work, but on all the clock radios in every store of Target. I also realized that Harv was the one to make the decision as to what time was posted on the clocks, that is was not just a coinicidence, but very intentional. Harv said to me "I was a little disappointed by your reaction the other night. I'd been waiting all week to show you that." I felt so bad and with all the thoughtful things Harv did this week, this topped them all. How romantic is that---my birthdate on 22 clock radios, in over 1, 650 Target stores across the country.


kristin and matt said...

happy belated birthday, rach! hope it was a fantastic birthday week. :) way to go, harv, on truly celebrating your wife for the wonderful woman she is!

Amanda L. said...

I am totally going to check that out next time I'm there. Harvey has such power!!!

Amanda L. said...

I saw this and was so excited about knowing this insider tip!!