A Smoking Phone

So yesterday our cute little Grant ran into the kitchen with fear in his eyes and so worked up that I couldn't figure out what was wrong. He then said the word "smoke" and I quickly looked over at the base for our phone and noticed smoke coming out of it. I was completely baffled at what had just happened. I unplugged the phone cords and tried to calm Grant down. Once Grant was calm I did a little interogation of what he had done. Now Grant seems to have a tendency to experiment with cords. He is always curious what cords go to what, and what electronic items in the house will accomodate headphones. He is constantly plugging things in to other things. Well, I guess that Grant wanted to see if the laptop charging cord would fit into the phone and it seems that the voltage needed to charge the computer may be a little more than the voltage needed for the phone. Grant completely fried the phone base. Luckily we have connections with the electronic buyers at Target. I told Harv what happened and he was able to bring home a temporary phone until we figure out what to fo about our fried one.

So after telling Harv about this incident he felt compelled to compile a list of all the things that Grant has broken over the years. We joke that these amounts will be deducted from his inheritance--if he even gets one.

It all adds up!

Breaking the shelf off the fridge door (twice) = $40 (once)

Pulling the space bar off the laptop keyboard = $80.33

Stabbing the kitchen table 43 times with a ballpoint pen = $150

Writing on every cushion of the tan leather sofa = $900

Frying the base to all three phones by plugging in the computer power adapter = $TBD

Living with Grant = priceless, yet expensive.


Amanda L. said...

Oh this is too funny! I'm so sorry...he is very inquisitive though. I'm sure it will pay off someday!

Lissagerl said...

haha I think that is a good idea to keep a running total of things ruined. I might have to implement that :)

Rachel said...

Great entry! Wow, little boys and girls are sure different. I loved your final tally of Grant--so sweet!

Cheryl said...

That is just what I needed to hear! It made me chuckle and feel relieved that a good mommy like you can have a little boy that gets into trouble once in a while.

About once a week Matt comes home to me in tears because I've been dealing with Hellboy (Garret) and Jack the Ripper (Jack). I feel like a failure as mother because of the wildness of my house.

I don't think I'm going to start a running total (It would be too depressing!) but I love your idea of it!

kristin and matt said...

so glad it was just the phone that went up in smoke! with all the stuff grant tries to figure out, it sounds like you have a future engineer on your hands. :)
also, i love the new picture at the top...y'all are just the cutest little family ever. and, the silly quotes on the side make me smile. wish i was there to hear some of those!
thanks for checking my blog and for your sweet comments. i miss you tons!

Dahl Family said...

Thanks for the entry Rachel! I definitely needed to read it today. Yesterday alone Alex wrote on our table with an ink pen, rammed his ride on fire truck into the coffee table and caused major damage, and yanked the top off one of my Valetine's day roses. (Yep, all in one day.) I guess I need to just grin and get ready for the rest of his life! :) Gotta love those little boys.

Michelle said...

Hi Rachel! Sounds like Grant and Ethan are two peas in a pod. It's so nice to hear I'm not the only mom overwhelmed keeping-up with an energetic boy!