"My Great Mom"

Today when I picked Lauren and Grant up from school, I had a very fun surprise! In Lauren's class all the kids filled out a form about their moms (with a little help from their teachers) titled "My Great Mom". Here is what it said: (The highlighted parts are Lauren's answers)

My mom is 65 year old.
She weighs 60 pounds and is 30 feet tall.
Her Hair is blond and her eyes are blue.
My mom loves to wear gowns.
She loves to cook spaghetti.
Her favorite movie is The Little Mermaid.
Her favorite song is Jingle Bells.
She always tells me that Santa won't bring gifts if we are bad.
When my mom shops she loves to buy candy.
If she could go on a trip, she would go to Utah. And she would take a suitcase.
I really love it when my mom tells me it is my Birthday!
I got such a good laugh at this cute project. The most funny thing, is that it seems that Lauren and I have a lot in common.


The Young's said...

I am glad to hear that other moms pull the santa card too. LOL

Lissagerl said...

I love the funny things kids say!! Your family pictures are so cute!

Mandy said...

Can I come over when you are wearing your gown?! That is hilarious! I would love it if people thought I was 60 pounds, even if it were a 5 year old!