Our Spoooky House

As you all know, I am married to a man who loves to decorate. As of the last couple of years Harvey has found a new passion for Halloween decorating. Many of you have repeatedly heard the story of the night last year when I came home from a peaceful night at the Temple, only to find that my living room had taken on the likeness of the haunted mansion at Disneyland--complete with spooky music. At first, I was not a fan of the fact that Harvey had replaced family and temple pictures with faces of creepy, dead people. But, I must admit that I have now caught onto the fun of it all. This year he added tattered curtains, cobwebs, and a sconce with candles. This picture doesn't do Harvey's Halloween decorating justice, but it will give you all a little taste of our spooky living room.


Amanda said...

Harv is the best. We both married men who love to decorate and love to shop. I think of you guys every time I go to Target...once a week!