Lauren's Recital

Lauren had her first recital on November 4th. We are very proud of her, she did a great job! She hasn't learned how to play anything yet, so the teacher had Lauren perform a song called "Up Like a Rocket". It's a song that Lauren sings while holding the bow during practice. It's supposed to help strengthen her fingers. We're still working on holding the violin correctly so that Lauren can begin to learn a song. The recital showed the whole spectrum of skill levels. The older students were absolutely amazing. The recital lasted about one and a half hours and I'm amazed at how well the kids did at staying relatively quiet and attentive. At the end of the recital the teacher said "What a wonderful recital, and what a wonderful baby". It took me a second to realize that she was talking about Ella. Ella was amazing in that she barely made any noise for the entire recital. After the recital there were treats--which was the highlight for the kids. Before leaving Lauren walked right up to her teacher and said "Celine, I love you".


Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing, Rachel! It's so fun to see you guys start a very similar journey. Lauren looks like a natural. At Anna's first group lesson, she just took a bow since that's as far as we'd gotten at that point. Such baby steps, but I'm sure someday it'll pay off, right?

Dahl Family said...

Good job Lauren!