The First Lesson

This past saturday Lauren had her first violin lesson. She was so excited about it that she was dressed, with shoes on and violin in hand about an hour before her lesson. On the way she kept asking me how many more miles until we got to her teacher's house. Lauren's violin teacher was really great with her. Lauren learned how to correctly hold her violin, and also learned some fun songs to sing while she practiced holding the bow. The lesson was fun for Lauren, but the highlight was being able to play with her teacher's dog, Felix, after the lesson. Then one last thing even topped that---kittens. Lauren's teacher is taking care of five little kittens for a cat adoption agency. She took Lauren to see them and Lauren LOVED it. When we got home from her lesson she talked more about the dog and kitten's than she did about her lesson. Who could blame her though. On the drive home Lauren said that she loved her teacher and everyone that lived in her teacher's house (referring to the dog and kittens). She then said, "I should give my teacher some flowers so she knows how much I love her."

I think violin lessons got off to a good start. Even if Lauren starts to loose interest in the lessons, at least she will continue to be motivated by the fact that she'll get to see a cute dog every week.