Fall outing to the apple orchard

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day here in Minnesota, so we jumped at the chance to visit an apple orchard. Apple orchards are everywhere here. The orchard we went to yesterday is my favorite so far. The kids had a great time playing in the large bins of dried corn. Even Ella sat in the corn and didn't even try to eat it! I'm sure she was just trying to figure out what she was sitting in. Then Lauren and Grant got to hold some baby chicks, and goat kids. We let Ella touch the chicks, but quickly decided that was a bad idea as she almost squished one of them. The kids got to see piglets, chickens, donkeys, goats, and cows. Grant's favorite part was picking apples. They both got to carry a bucket and fill it to the brim with apples, all while singing a song that Lauren made up about going "apple hunting". To end our trip the kids picked out pumpkins and sat on a large tractor. On the drive home the kids ate an apple from their "apple hunting" expedition--yummy! It was a great outing!


Dahl Family said...

That orchard sounds awesome!!! I wish we had more of that around here!

Mandy said...

Sounds like you found a fabulous orchard with lots for the kids to do. If the rain lets up sometime soon we'll have to try to make an apple picking trip!