Funny Conversation

So today at lunch Lauren said the prayer. She first started out by asking for a blessing to have a good day at school and not have a grumpy day. In her prayer she also said, "please bless Grandpa McKinstry, and we're grateful that he can be in heaven". First of all, it's sweet that she remembers Great-Grandpa McKinstry and second, I think she really understands where he is right now. After her prayer was done Lauren said that right now Grandpa is probably running to his wife and hugging her and running to his mommy and giving her a hug in heaven. This was sweet, but then the conversation turned to other matters about death. Grant said to me, "who gives Grandpa food?", and I asked him, "in heaven?", "no under the ground". Then Grant asked how long Grandpa would be dead, and offered his idea of four days. I responded by saying that I wasn't sure and that it depended on when the resurrection would be. Grant then thought, "Oh I remember, it will be in three days right?", Lauren quickly corrected him and said, "No Grant, that's how long Jesus was dead before he was resurrected."

It was a very deep conversation, at least for a 4 and 5 year old, and it let me talk more to them about the second coming, resurrection and life after this life. I was very impressed with how well Lauren seems to understand it all, and Grant is getting there--how cute!


NAT said...

That conversation speaks volumes about the type of Mom you are, Rachel. It's apparent that your kids are being raised by amazing parents who take the time to teach them the Gospel and learn about Jesus.

Rachel said...

Cute discussion! I love how children think about and approach these serious issues. Thanks for sharing!

Mandy said...

I am very impressed at Lauren and Grant's knowledge of the Gospel! Good work Rachel and Harvey!