Pretty Toes

So today I was doing my toenails, and of course Lauren and Grant were intrigued. Lauren instantly asked to have her toenails painted and whatever Lauren does, Grant has to do also. In the past I have told him that only girls paint their toenails, but I really couldn't dash his hopes of being pampered a little--so I consented. While I was painting Grant's toenails he kept saying, giggling the whole while, that "It's fun painting my toenails". I'm sure when Grant is older he will be mortified, but I figured it will give us all a good laugh one day. So here are their pretty toes!


kristin and matt said...

that is sisters and i used to dress my brother up and paint his nails. my dad finally made us stop, but we continued and just used clear polish! hope you're doing well.
kristin (and matt)

Robert said...

Too funny. I have this strange desire to take Grant to a WWF or Monster truck event ASAP.....I think it's part of the cleansing process he'll need.
P.S. Glad to see you're keeping up with the blogging.