Little Musicians

Well, we are finally doing it. After much contemplation we have finally decided to begin violin lessons with Lauren. Her first lesson is this Saturday and by Sunday we expect her to be playing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star--well maybe not quite yet. :) She and Grant are very excited about the violin and have asked many times if they can play it. I hope this violin survives the tug of wars that it sometimes gets involved in.
We had Evan and his dad Rob drop by last night and the kids had to show the violin to them. There was a little disagreement, and I'm not sure what happened, but I rescued the violin just as Grant tried to bonk Evan on the head with it. Poor Evan was so excited to visit our house to see the kids, but instead ended up leaving in tears. This is just a little example of what might happen as we try to help Lauren learn to play the violin--what a fun adventure this will be. Grant is very upset that he can't have a violin too and keeps asking when he can learn. I'm glad they are both so excited, I just hope that excitement continues as Lauren realizes it will be a while until she can actually play a song. Wish us luck!


Mandy said...

What a cute picture. It looks like Lauren is all ready for her lesson. I think it is so darling to watch little kids play musical instruments. What a good experience for her. When Evan came home last night from your house he told me that he hit Grant. So I am sure that is what provoked Grant to want to hit Evan on the head with the violin! Boys!!

Dahl Family said...

Oh, she already looks so accomplished! Good luck with the violin tug-o-war!