June Cleaver and Zorro

Now I'm sure you are all wondering how Zorro and June Cleaver go together, but the more I thought about it I realized that probably deep down, behind the pearls, feather duster, and immaculately clean home, June Cleaver could very possibly have fantasized about being swept off her feet by the handsome and mysterious Zorro. Seriously though, Harv and I had a great time at the Jagoda's (The SWAT man and the Hamburglar) on Friday for an great costume party. It was complete with a Gorilla Ballerina, thanks to our good friend Reed. It was fun for Harv and I to get dressed up and have a date night (something we don't do enough--going on dates I mean). While at the party we played a newlywed game and Harv and I learned a lot about each other. Did you know that Harv is afraid of snakes, and that his favorite Halloween candy is candy corns? I didn't think anyone liked candy corn.


kristin and matt said...

i love this...y'all look like you were having a fun night out. long live date night! :)

Mandy said...

I love all the costumes. Very clever Mrs June Cleaver. Looks like Rob and I missed out on a fun date night. Next time we won't let the young men get in the way!